Friday, November 19, 2010

SeManGaT utk bloG dh mai Blik!!!

time2 exam la smgt ak mai utk b'blog nih..huhuhu actually jiwa ak ni tgh kaco..ak xsmgt btoi nk face exm sem ni..kwang!kwang!kwang! the poblem is i don't now how 2 start!! this is big prob 2 face right now!!! so ths nite i choose 2 write something in my blog and reading some stuff from another blog...bez gak tgk yg still b'blog..!!! now! i very suffer wif my due date 4 my exam,its a long time waiting 4 my exam done until 10.12...huh!!! plg menyedihkn..i can't follow my family to vacation at singapore...arrrgghhh!! so sad :'(


saya afi. said...

i know the feelings dont worry. We're on the same boat :)

whiteco-p said...

thankz..gud luck 2 u k... :)